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Partners Kevin O’Hara and Paul Nugent Obtain Defense Verdict in Gastroenterology-Related Medical Malpractice Case in St. Johns County

January, 2023
After a six-day trial, Partners Kevin O’Hara and Paul Nugent obtained a defense verdict on behalf of their client, a gastroenterologist in St. Augustine, Florida. Plaintiffs alleged that the Defendant caused a bowel perforation during preparation of the bowel for a colonoscopy procedure and the subsequent death of the Plaintiff’s 73-year-old husband. Expert witnesses on behalf of the Defendant physician testified that, had the decedent taken the advice of the general surgeon and opted for surgical resection, the bowel perforation would not have occurred, and more likely than not, the patient would have survived. Counsel for Plaintiffs asked for $12.25 Million in their closing argument. The jury deliberated and returned a defense verdict.

Beytin McLaughlin Sponsors and Partners Present at FSHRMPS Annual Conference

September, 2022
Beytin McLaughlin was proud to recently serve as a Platinum Sponsor of the Federal Society for Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety (FSHRMPS) Annual Conference held in St. Petersburg, Florida, wherein Partners Gabrielle Osborne and Kyle Morat spoke on “Risk Management and Litigation Realities in an Electronic World”.  Also representing the firm at the conference were partners Carissa Brumby, Damien Hoffman, and Alan Mirelman.   This is the third year that Beytin McLaughlin has served as a platinum sponsor, and it is the firm’s hope to continue to serve as a sponsor of the conference for many more years.

Partner Kyle Morat Prevails on Summary Judgment on Behalf of Hospital

July, 2022
Kyle Morat was successful in prevailing on a motion for final summary judgment in a medical malpractice case in Volusia County, Florida on behalf of our Hospital client. Plaintiff claimed she suffered permanent neurological injuries as a result of a stroke after being treated in the emergency department. The Court agreed that the record evidence including depositions and written discovery were insufficient to maintain a cause of action against the Hospital and Emergency Room physician.

Partner Kyle Morat Prevails on Summary Judgment in a Hospital Slip and Fall Case

July, 2022
Kyle Morat recently prevailed on a motion for summary judgment in a slip and fall case on behalf of his Hospital client in Volusia County, Florida. Allegations included failure to properly maintain the bathroom floor and allowing water to accumulate causing the Plaintiff’s fall and injuries. Mr. Morat was able to elicit testimony from the Plaintiff that supported the defense that there was no water or transitory substance on the floor and Plaintiff would be unable to meet her burden of proof at trial. Mr. Morat argued that not only did the record evidence support summary judgment but also that the new rule requires the non-moving party to file a timely response and the failure to do so allows the Court to use its discretion in finding the facts undisputed for purposes of the motion in granting summary judgment.  

Shareholder Kevin O’Hara Presents at CLM Focus Conference

June, 2022
Shareholder Kevin O’Hara spoke with several leaders in the insurance industry on “Voir Dire Variants:  Disruption of Traditional Jury Selection” at the recent CLM Focus Conference held in Nashville where Beytin McLaughlin served as a Platinum Sponsor.

Beytin Attorneys Present at FLCC 25th Annual Conference

June, 2022
Beytin McLaughlin attorneys, Alan Mirelman and Travis Edmands, recently spoke on “Defending Constitutional Challenges to Florida’s Medicaid Cap for Noneconomic Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases” at the 25th Annual Florida Liability Claims Conference in Orlando, Florida, the Florida Defense Lawyers Association’s leading educational conference for civil defense attorneys and claim professionals.

Partner Paul Nugent achieves Board Certification by the Florida Bar

June, 2022
Partner Paul Nugent has become Board Certified by the Florida Bar in the field of Civil Trial Law.  The Florida Bar has recognized Mr. Nugent’s distinguished level of knowledge, skills and proficiency, as well as his upstanding professionalism and ethics that he has continuously displayed throughout his career in the practice of law.  Board Certification is the Florida Bar’s highest legal standard and is bestowed on less than 1% of Florida lawyers.

Bob Henry and Alan Mirelman obtain a defense verdict following a week-long medical malpractice trial

March, 2022
Bob Henry and Alan Mirelman obtained a defense verdict following a week-long trial that ended March 4, 2022. The trial was in the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange County, FL). The Defendant Physician was alleged to have negligently repaired a ruptured patella tendon causing the Plaintiff to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  The Plaintiff requested $2,580,000 during closing argument, but the jury returned a complete defense verdict in 34 minutes. 

Damien Hoffman secures a summary judgment in a premises liability case claiming severe injuries

February, 2022
Damien Hoffman secured a summary judgment in a premises liability case pending in the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange County).  Plaintiff claimed to have sustained severe injuries necessitating several surgeries and years of treatment.  The Judge agreed testimony from multiple depositions and discovery conducted failed to produce evidence necessary to support Plaintiff’s burden of proof.

Travis Edmands prevails upon a summary judgment in a Wrongful Death case

December, 2021
Travis Edmands prevailed upon a summary judgment in a Wrongful Death case pending in the Seventh Judicial Circuit (Volusia County, FL). This matter was a premises liability action involving seven surviving children. Mr. Edmands successfully utilized the new summary judgment standard for the benefit of his clients by arguing that the Plaintiff would never be able to meet her causation burden given the concessions that he was able to elicit during the depositions in this case.